I’m not motivated by naked pics (lol)

For the past I don’t know 3-5 years of trying to get fit and stay healthy, some things have worked for me and some things I just haven’t stuck in long enough to see if it works. 

My friend suggested I take naked pics to motivate me. One – that will only motivate me if I was skinny already and two – I might look too good it gets leaked to the media or something. No that won’t work for me. So I asked my kids to trace my body….

And now I’m thinking maybe don’t get the kids to do it next time. Oddly I am surprised by how big my hips and bum are, especially the side view of my head. In comparison I am much skinnier on paper. 

Anyway, this was taken over a month ago which is proof that pictures don’t work for me. 



Get off my face 

For real, I have bad acne problems. It always shows up when it’s nearing “that time of the month” or when I am trying to look my best, then it scars my face for months. 

You see my picture? Those dots on my chin are all thanks to my breakouts and it’s annoying as f! I’ve been following all these natural beauty tips and I’m going to be honest and say I can’t be bothered trying them. Buuuttt I do have a little pride so I sought some help from the internet.

After what felt like days of research I’ve decided to try out the Neutrogena Deep Cleansing Foaming Wash for a week. It’s supposed to be one of the top recommended face cleansers for oily skin and I am curious as to whether it deserves to be at the top.

Wish me luck and leggo! (Hmmm those eyebrows though).

End of days

Yep that’s me in the blue. Just turned 32 and doing what I’ve been doing for the past 17 years, enjoying a drink with my friends. In these moments I can never tell if I have grown up or just never changed. 

Anyway, I recently went to see a doctor because I caught a cold and my head felt like it was going to explode. Checks revealed I had high blood pressure and the doctor couldn’t tell if it was an onset of being sick or I would actually need a lifestyle modification. It’s not hard to see from the above that a lifestyle modification wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Here marks the end of my party days (which ideally should’ve ended at my 21st – before I had children and not just because noise control came) but the start of something. Not sure what it is yet but hopefully it’s good.